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Before He Finds You
The Truth You Need
Before You Meet Your Husband

Before He Finds You: The Truth You Need Before You Meet Your Husband, is focused on the personal development required to lay a strong foundation in ANY relationship, particularly that between husband and wife. Using the precious time before a potential spouse presents himself to invest in yourself sends a message to the world that you are ready. And as the famous line goes, "If you build a field, they will come." So, it is true for your husband as well.

Complete with an 18-month calendar and journal, Before He Finds You deals frankly with the issues that we overlook, but everyone around us can't help but notice. By


  • building a strong support circle of quality sisters and girlfriends
  • relying upon direction from God, and
  • focusing your energy on edifying yourself

This book will challenge you to focus on all of you-your whole person-because getting married is not an isolated event, but an all-encompassing life event, and all of you needs to be ready before you say, "I do."


  1. The One Worthy of Your Affections
  2. "Pardon Me, Are You Single?"
  3. Will You Know It When You See It?
  4. Personal Maintenance
  5. Do Your Homework
  6. Purpose Produces Passion
  7. Sex & Lust 101

Journal & Calendar Included


As a child, Ebony Wright was mesmerized by love stories and observing how her parents and other married people interacted. At a very young age, she developed a passion for marriage and knew that it was something to be honored. Several failed short-term relationships and one child later, Ebony decided to leave the dating scene altogether and instead, began to prepare herself for marriage-in the absence of a potential mate! While in the meantime she filled her time with completing two degrees, ministry, being a single mom and working, she absorbed every resource she could about marriage and becoming a wife. Finally, after letting go of the need for it to happen NOW and narrowly coveting the idea of being a wife, God let Ebony and her soon-to-be-husband meet. Despite the doubts of others, what she actually got in a husband was all she desired, plus more!

After being married for two years, God revealed to Ebony the purpose behind her very unique journey to marriage: to share what God taught her with other women so that they could experience the blessings of God in their marriages as well. What started out as a simple workbook, soon flourished into a full blown ministry that empowers women to become all that God created them to be while entering into the marriage relationship with sobriety and wisdom. With the first book, Before He Finds You, gaining reverence and popularity, it is the basis for the highly favored small group study, "Before I Do" that allows women to connect with one another as they embark upon the amazing journey of becoming whole.

Now joyfully married, Ebony and her husband share five wonderful children and continue to grow stronger all the time. 


  • Author: Ebony Wright
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 184
  • ISBN: 9780615285153


"I learned so many things about how we as women-and especially women of God-need to trust in God and look to Him in the process of selecting a husband."
(Maxine Stevenson, Divorced single-mother of two)

"This book invites you to venture into a deeper intimacy with our Lord before you try to venture into a relationship with a potential husband. It opens your eyes to areas in your own life that you may not have been willing to give over to God because of past hurts or pain. In a very practical way, you are assisted in a journey into the 'deep unknowns' of your heart. Then, in His most gracious and loving way, God welcomes you into a place to hope and dream about your future once again, as His beloved daughter."
(Mary Grace Cachuela, Founder and President, InJOY Life Resources, Inc.)

"I went through this book as a married woman thinking, 'There's nothing for me here. I already got my man!' As I dove into each chapter, I realized just how much I was out of alignment! This book challenged me to understand who I am in Christ, and who I am as a woman and a wife. It wasn't easy to swallow, but it was definitely worth it. I don't think this book is only for women who want to be married, but it is also for women who are already married. This is a must-read for any woman who wants to improve herself and her relationships"
(Stephanie Lainez, Author of Rachel and the Lion)

"In working through this book I was able to look at my heart in an honest way. I was given an opportunity to let my heart be healed of past pain, while at the same time, my faith was stirred to believe God for the deep desires that He had already placed inside me. Practically speaking, the material in this book led me to conversations with my two former boyfriends which set me free in ways I can't explain and wouldn't have expected. Following those conversations one of them got married, the other became engaged and I found myself in a new relationship-the first in four years-all within one week. God has given Ebony an ability to speak the truth in love, without any compromise or sugarcoating. It's what every woman needs to hear. I'm so thankful for the gift this material has been to me, and the tangible transformation it has produced in my life."
(Meg Votta, Development Coordinator, Philippines orphanage & Program Supervisor, InJOY Life Resources, Inc.) is owned and operated by Randolf Productions, Ins.

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