Parables from Pop Culture Vol. 1 DVD

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Step Into the Past
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We live in troubling times. Everywhere you look, traditional Christian values seem to be under assault. And most of the available entertainment options do little to comfort or inspire us.

If you’ve been searching for video entertainment that energizes your faith, you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to Parables from Pop Culture!

Brought to you by Bungalow Media, this new DVD Christian inspiration series uses true tales from 20th century American history to recapture timeless Biblical insights for living. You step into a simpler era, then come away with renewed faith and purpose.

These gently powerful videos combine superb production values, captivating narration, rare archival footage and evocative music to make the past come alive for you and your family. You follow the fascinating, little-known stories of real people who faced real challenges. Each parable becomes the springboard for an inspiring and comforting lesson in faith: you see how God's word gives you the inner strength you need to lead a fulfilling Christian life -- even in the worst of times. You tap into the Bible's timeless, rock-solid wisdom -- true yesterday, today and tomorrow!

Ideal for viewing at home or with your Bible study group, Parables from Pop Culture will inspire adults and children, friends and family members, co-workers and fellow Christians. (History buffs and pop culture enthusiasts will love the series, too!) The hour-long video comes handsomely packaged in a deluxe hardcover case filled with delightful extras.

Each Parables from Pop Culture DVD Set Gives You All This:


  •    Four captivating tales from 20th century American history
  •    Relevant, reassuring Biblical insights to deepen your faith
  •    Nostalgic archival footage from the past
  •    A downloadable study guide -- ideal for use in church groups
  •    Set of 4 nostalgic "Golden Age" postcards with messages of faith
  •    Sturdy case beautifully designed to resemble a hardcover book
  •    Exceptional value for the price -- loaded with extras!
  •    30-day, 100% no-risk guarantee

What a great way to bring both American history and the Christian faith into your home!

Read more about Parables from Pop Culture as you explore this site. See what others have to say about this remarkable series. View a sample clip. Then order sets for yourself, your church, your friends and relatives, and anyone else who could use timeless inspiration in troubling times. What an incomparable gift for the people you care about!

Don't miss out. See why Campus Crusade says, "This may just be one of the most entertaining and inspirational DVD's ever made!"

Get Inspired! Discover the Timeless Magic of Parables from Pop Culture Today -- at 20% Off the Regular Price!


Episode 1: The Tornado Proof House

Prayer and the peace it produces during troubling times. The destructive force of tornadoes has long struck fear into the hearts of humanity. Their winds, which can exceed 250 miles an hour, can rip strong-frame houses from their foundations and throw heavy objects like cars for hundreds of feet. But one man named Buckminster Fuller designed a strange-looking house called the "Dymaxion Dwelling Machine" which was immune from the destructive force of tornadoes because of its unconventional design. In the same way, God has designed us to withstand severe pressure in ways that go against conventional thinking.

Episode 2: Saved By Road Signs

The power of the Bible. Words are a powerful influence of change. This was true when a man named Allen Odell saved his dad's "Burma Shave" company from financial ruin by creating a series of silly rhyming signs along America's two-lane highways. Though critics said it would never work, the plain-English words written on these low-tech signs created a national marketing frenzy that sold millions of jars of shaving cream. But the power of the words on the Burma Shave signs pale in comparison to the power of God's words to us in the bible. Reading them produces a supernatural change in our lives.

Episode 3: Glorious Radio Signals

How God speaks to us and how to better hear His voice. Radio signals are in the air all around us. However, we can't hear those signals unless we have the right detection equipment. This detection equipment can be surprisingly simple: an antenna to receive the signal, a diode to convert the signal into sound, and a speaker that makes the sound audible. Hear how one man changed civilization by inventing the art of "broadcasting" among this simple radio equipment. Similarly, God is always speaking to us. But we often can't hear His voice because we don't have the right detection equipment. As it turns out, the solution is simple.

Episode 4: Hollywood's Strangest Twist

The art of living according to biblical simplicity. For most, the name "Hollywood" conjures up images of a golden land of palm trees filled with enough celebrity mischief to fill thousands of tabloids. But this is nothing like the Hollywood imagined by its founders, Harvey and Daeida Wilcox. In 1887, this prohibitionist couple from Kansas established the town of Hollywood, hoping it would be a quiet and simple place free from saloons, gambling, and movie houses. And it existed that way until a dire water shortage changed everything. And, as they say, "there went the neighborhood." In the same way, God designed our world to be a simple contentment. But that plan was interrupted. Regardless, God still allows us to find contentment amid the chaos through the biblical practice of simplicity.


Parables From Pop Culture - Volume 1 DVD

 Region 1    

Edition Details:

  • Format: NTSC (US and Canada Only) 
  • Single DVD 
  • Deluxe Hardcover Case
  • Includes 4 Golden Age Postcards
  • Running Time: 60 minutes
  • Dolby Digital
  • Widescreen
  • Stereo & Color
  • ISBN: 9780981891002
  • Meet the Producer: Bungalow Media 

Bonus Features:

  • A tribute to The National Archives containing extra archival footage
  • An interactive view of the scriptures featured in the program
  • A special message
  • FREE Downloadable Bible Study Guide (click here) - Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Customer Reviews

"This video series is great for opening up honest, heartfelt discussions in our small group at church. I highly recommend it to any bible study, small group, or even as a gift."
(B. D. - Colorado Springs, CO)

"Our family has been blessed by Parables From Pop Culture. It is a powerful resource of timeless truths and inspirational lessons which will be of great value to seekers and the faithful of all age groups."
(B. K. - Laguna Hills, CA)

"Parables from Pop Culture> combines eternal truth, powerful storytelling and excellent production to provide a video series that will encourage the believer, entice the seeker, and entertain everyone. The DVD's are great for family time, will prompt discussion in your small group, and are an easy way to introduce your friends to your faith."
(Pastor Luke Navarro, Soledad Community Church, Salinas, CA)

"Parables from Pop Culture is truly a rare delight. I've watched the episodes several times with my young children and my elderly Father. Also, many friends have had a chance to view the episodes. From the captivated view of a child to the nostalgic view of a senior adult, all were highly entertained and moved by the episodes. I applaud the imaginative creators at Bungalow Media for stepping outside the formulaic Christian media that too often awkwardly attempts to be cooler than the culture. Not so here! The content and the production style of Parables from Pop Culture is thoughtful, heartfelt and timeless. Bravo!"
(Dr. Steve McNelley, San Juan Capistrano, CA) is owned and operated by Randolf Productions, Ins.

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