Heaven Bound DVD

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He holds the key to their hearts.
All they want is the key to the door.
Heaven Bound

Ted and Josie Hoover were on top of the world. Ted had a high position at the Mr. Mitzky Organic Gourmet Gluten-Free Dog Food Company. He and Josie spent lavishly to live the life they felt like they deserved. But one day, Ted made a terrible mistake that suddenly made him a national villain, and an internet joke. No employer would touch him with a ten-foot pole. The Hoover's finances were suddenly an issue. Devastated and desperate for money, they come up with a plan to steal jewelry from the town millionaire, an old man named Dr. Drake who is about to donate all of his deceased wife's jewelry to charity.

The plan is fool-proof: break into his house, steal the jewels, and then pawn them with the full intention of paying him back once they get back on their feet. Unfortunately, Josie's unkempt brother, Moochie, overhears the plan and wants to be involved. Still, even with this handicap, they're pretty sure they can pull it off. What they don't count on, and could never predict, is that Dr. Drake is having a sudden attack of spiritual conscience. He's saved lives for years, but realizes in his old age that he hasn't yet saved a soul. Determined to rectify this, he believes God has answered his prayers when he catches three burglars in his home, which is equipped with a state-of-the-art security system to keep them locked inside the house. He had it installed after his wife, Iris, got Alzheimers.

Certain these three are going to accept the Lord Jesus as their Savior, Doc begins his quest to transform their souls. Ted, Josie, and Moochie, however, are certain they've happened upon the creepiest house imaginable, full of secret rooms galore and no apparent way out! Soon, though, they begin to learn more about their captor, and in turn, about their own disjointed lives. Will the house and its owner drive them insane, or bring them closer to one another, and a God none of them has thought about in a long time?

Edition Details:

  •  Region 1 (US and Canada Only), NTSC
  • Starring: Nancy Stafford, Michael Joiner, Torry Martin, Danny Vinson
  •  Director: Gabe McCauley 
  •  Format: Single DVD
  •  Color, NTSC, Widescreen
  • Running Time: 93 minutes
  •  Language: English
  •  UPC: 662306020591

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