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Rachel and the Lion
"A beautiful book!
Unveils a powerful message!"
Shauna Simmonds
- Executive Producer, MakeYouThink TV

This is a new generation of classic stories, the first of many more to come. So enjoy the journey as Rachel and The Lion become your child's new found friends.

Rachel is a 7 year-old girl who lives in a small town in Africa. Malaria has hit her town and Rachel, who is sick, never stops fighting for her own joy. She discovers love in the wealth of her family as a tragedy hits her household. Her special friendship with The Lion helps her cope and find her inner strength.

The Lion helps Rachel understand grief, conflict and truth. The Lion not only helps her during her loss but he challenges her to be personally responsible for her actions. He lovingly corrects her and opens her eyes to a deeper level of courage, honesty and abundance.

This book is a great tool for parents in creating a platform in which to discuss pressing life issues such as sickness, death, honesty and respect.


About the Author:

Stephanie Lainez was born in Visalia, California to Mexican born, migrant farm workers. Her parents didn't come from money but from hope, dreams and determination. It was their passion for storytelling that birthed a new generation of storytellers.

Stephanie, from a young age accelerated as a leader. She was a peer counselor all throughout her teen years and carried it into her early college days. As young people became more and more attracted to her style of communication and trust, she started to branch out into other areas. She wanted to understand the children of the world.

Since graduating from BIOLA University, she is now dedicated to educating children in the areas of character; helping to equip them to be world shakers and history makers. Stephanie's desire is that children open their eyes to what lies within them and what is right outside their grasp.


Reviews and Endorsements:

"For children to grow up as independent generous adults it is important that they take responsibility for their actions, ask forgiveness of the people they hurt, forgive themselves and give back by helping other children not make the same mistakes - this book delivers on these important lessons. A must read!"
- Azim N. Khamisa, (President and CEO of ANK Enterprises, Inc., Inspirational Speaker, Award Winning Author)

"A wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated story of a child in the midst of adversity and how this child overcomes life's greatest obstacles. If you're looking for a book to help you creatively share God's love with your children and family then you've found it."
- Nathanael Wolf, (Author of The Gatekeepers)

"I have bee exposed to many of the greats in storytelling and I'm comfortable to say that Stephanie holds her own with the best! She adds an ingredient that most don't use. I believe it transforms a nice tale into a great adventure. This ingredient is called 'Heart' and this is where I believe stories like Rachel and the Lion are stored up, waiting to be written."
- Michael Jr., (Comedian and Children's Author of The Parts We Play)

"Stephanie has the unique gift to captivate the reader, young and old. She is able to communicate through the characters in a way that leaves you wanting to know more. Hidden in the story of Rachel and the Lion are valuable principles that will shape the character of children. You will fall in love with the Lion and Rachel as they journey together. I believe this is the beginning of a series of books that will shape generations to come."
- Linda Wallace, (Mentor-Life Coach, President and CEO of A Company of Women)

"This beautiful depiction of our relationship with Christ gently reminds me of how we are called to child-like in our faith. Rachel's innocence inspires me to seek God with a pure heart and to live in the peace that comes from being captured by His grace."
- Paul Stephens, (Songwriter, Worship Leader of Faith Community Church)
  • Author: Stephanie Lainez
  • Illustrations: Megan Stringfellow
  • Format: Hardcover Book w/Dustcover
  • Pages: 95
  • ISBN: 9780982035801

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