Sir Olivers Song CD

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The Classic Favorite!
Music That Conveys A Message!

Sir Oliver's Song is an effective and fun way to present the Ten Commandments to young children through music.

A delightful production that kids will love while learning valuable lessons!


Songs List: (click to listen to a 30 second sample)

  1. Sir Oliver's Song
  2. Only Elohim
  3. Je T'aime King Of Kings
  4. Just One God Is He
  5. Love His Name
  6. Yodel Song
  7. Honor Your Parents
  8. Sir Oliver's Song
  9. Handle With Care
  10. Dankeschon
  11. Always Be True
  12. Kalepo
  13. Tell The Truth
  14. No Diga Mentiras
  15. Be Thankful

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Edition Details:

  • Recommended for ages 2 to 7.
  • Recommended for Public School, Private School and Homeschool use. 
  • UPC: 095163997038

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