The Heavens Declare - Episode 3 DVD

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The Heavens Declare Series
Awesome Science Media Presents: Solving the Light Travel Dilemma Episode 3

This episode addresses the perceived problem of light travel of distant stars and how the universe can still be young. The experts introduce the idea of an expanding universe and the dynamics of the speed of light. They then delve into general relativity and present several creationist models for solving the light travel dilemma. Several experts also share how God could have used natural laws and supernatural processes during the creation week. Finally, there is a discussion on why the Biblical model is the only one that works with the evidence and makes science possible.


  1. Why believe in 6,000 years?
  2. The Starlight Travel Problem
  3. The Expanding Universe
  4. Is the Speed of Light Constant?
  5. Can We Travel Faster Than Light?
  6. Gravitational Time Dilatation
  7. General Relativity Gives Hints of Young Creation
  8. God Uses the Miraculous in Creation
  9. The A.S.C. Model
  10. Natural and Supernatural Creation Processes
  11. Christianity Makes Science Possible
  12. Why Does God Want Us to do Science? is owned and operated by Randolf Productions, Ins.

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